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It’s time to put the “service” back in “Customer Service”. The idea of what makes service to the customer superior has changed over time. First, it was the simple act of answering the phone. If you picked up…success! Your customer was in fact satisfied. Then it was using the queue to inform about products or services you offer. You made their hold time more interesting…fantastic! Now, not only do you have to be available for their inquiries, but they also want to know, accurately, how to get their issue resolved as quickly as possible. And, believe it or not, callers don’t always require a human to feel satisfied they’ve reached resolve.

One way to approach this is to spend more of the time in queue on issue resolution. Sure, it’s okay to mention products and services some of the time, but when you can make self service faster by re-directing them, do so. If they need information available for a representative, have them prepare it so the live interaction goes more fluidly. And, share your knowledge. If something big has happened that impacts your business, you can use that queue time to clear confusion. Back that up with knowledgeable representatives answering calls, and your customers shouldn’t just be satisfied…they should feel confident in you.

The act of providing a quality customer experience is a living, evolving process. What was “golden” years ago, is below the mark today. Know about your company’s current customer service efforts, watch the trends for experiences you do and do not enjoy, and consider new ways to bring convenience to your callers. Your customers are always evolving and you don’t want their experiences with you to leave you in the dust.

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