Preparing For Callers Around the World


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To help capture and retain business in the global marketplace, you need to focus on the languages, cultural sensitivities and markets in which you do business.  This is especially true when attracting international callers to automated self-service applications or a Call Center.  While it may be tempting to translate an English script word for word using an automated online translator and then have the script recorded ‘in-house’ in an effort to cut costs, these decisions may backfire and result in very costly translation and pronunciation mistakes that actually alienate your callers abroad.

Obviously, there is much to think about when preparing  for multi-lingual callers, and the translation experts at Walsh Media can help each step of the way.

First, Walsh Media can help you develop the right translation – in the right dialect.  Many languages have multiple dialects with class and gender-specific words or phrases.  In addition, as Spanish for Mexico is different than Spanish for Spain, proper localization may also be required to help ensure your script and recordings are correct for the specific part of the world in which they will be heard. Because of these distinctions, word for word translation from English will simply not do.  Proper translation and localization into the right dialect is essential for effective communication and application performance across cultural borders.

Our translation and localization partners appreciate the complexity of doing business in a world market, and understand your technology.  We can take the English script you provide and translate it into practically any language.  We can help you develop a persona that effectively engages callers, and of course, we’ll help you select the right international voice talent professional to pair perfectly with your script and persona.

Trust Walsh Media’s common sense solutions for your translation and localization needs.  We help make the process of taking your phone system international “muy exelente!”

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