Say or Press 1 – A happy hybrid or a problematic pairing?

Common Sense Tip of the Day: It seems simple to blend speech and DTMF functionality in your contact center applications, but from a caller’s perspective, using “say or press” usually raises more problems than it solves. While flexible navigation and mobile phones make speech more constructive and quite enticing, accuracy and security make DTMF more […]

Say it out loud

If you walk the halls of Walsh Media, you’ll hear a lot of talking, but we aren’t necessarily talking to each other or on the phone.  Our Project Managers are actually reading scripts out loud. Why? Because we want your scripts to sound the best they can – typically friendly and conversational – and to […]

Organizing your audio

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Why pay for audio that you’ve already recorded?  Saving you time and money, Walsh Media uses a specialized audio management tool that allows your Project Manager to search and recall over 14,000 common voice prompts along with your custom audio, review the files, and download them in whatever format […]