Say it out loud

If you walk the halls of Walsh Media, you’ll hear a lot of talking, but we aren’t necessarily talking to each other or on the phone.  Our Project Managers are actually reading scripts out loud. Why? Because we want your scripts to sound the best they can – typically friendly and conversational – and to […]

2011 SpeechTEK, in review

As the team makes its way back from the 2011 SpeechTEK Conference in New York, the buzz is that it was another successful year.  We reconnected with many established acquaintances, and met many new ones, so we thank each and every one of you for stopping by the Walsh Media booth to say “hi” and […]

Let us write your script

As you try to come up with a new, interesting and witty message on hold script, there’s nothing worse than a blank piece of paper, or in this day and age, a blank screen with that blinking cursor mocking each second. Blink, blink, blink. How can you turn off the blinking?  Walsh Media has the […]

IVR Greeting Prompts

Have you noticed that virtually all Company Voice Portal greeting prompts reference their Web Site? The reference is a statement that says you can get more information or perform an action by going online. But, is that always the best way? Today I contacted a company to get clarification on returning a defective part that […]