English Voice Talent Demos

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Finding an North American English Voice talent for your application is easy.  And while each is experienced with telecom applications and IVR prompt recording, many have commercial experience as well and can provide voice overs for your corporate and marketing needs.

Please note, we have a very long list of active talent on our roster and only a few are noted here.  If you need additional demos, just let your Project Manager know.  We’re always happy to help with recommendations regarding which talent may be best suited for your application and brand, as well as their availability or exclusivity.  Please talk to us prior to making your final decision.

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Wayne (M)MaleEnglish(NA)More Mature
Andi (F)FemaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Dave C (M)MaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Chrissy (F)FemaleEnglish(NA)Youthful
Jim (M)MaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Kathy (F)FemaleEnglish(NA)Youthful
John (M)MaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Kay (F)FemaleEnglish(NA)More Mature
Paul (M)MaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Rich (M)MaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Mary (F)FemaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Spiros (M)MaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Teri (F)FemaleEnglish(NA)Mature
Talon (M)MaleEnglish(NA)Mature