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Music that reinforces your audio brand.

It’s easy to get great music on your phone system!

1) Listen to our available music styles below and then let your Project Manager know which style matches your brand and the sound you want to convey.

2) Our studio will create a production using several cuts of music from your selected style and, when complete, we’ll send you a preview file.

3) Once you approve, we’ll get your production into the format your phone system requires and send it to you – ready to load!

Effective Auto Attendant greetings makes a happy caller

What style fits your brand?

FYI:  Each music demo below contains a small sample of cuts from the given style – just to give you an idea of how each sounds.
Your new music bed will most likely feature different cuts of music.

Music on Hold FAQs

A Music on Hold production can be as short or as long as you need depending on your typical hold times. We will help you determine a length that works best for your company.

Our standard turnaround time for most projects is 5 business days. If you need your music sooner, your Project Manager will confirm our ability to meet your deadline and will let you ahead of time. Expedite fees will apply.

Of course! Your Project Manager will send you an MP3 preview of your new music production once it’s completed. We’ll only create the final format once we get your approval of the preview.

If there’s a cut of music you don’t like, we’ll be happy to submit a revision request to our studio for a music revision (and there is no charge for a music change). 

We do offer an easy-to-use USB on Hold player you can plug into your existing system. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade to a cloud-based business phone system, talk to us before you make that switch! Over the years, we have developed strategic relationships with various telecommunications providers that can offer a wide variety of options to fit your business needs. Best of all, when your system is installed, we can have your custom prompts ready-to-load, so you experience zero downtime! 

We can provide any file format your phone system requires! If you don’t know the format you need, your phone vendor or IT department should  be able give you the specs you’ll need to provide to us.

Yes! Our music library is licensed for telephony, so as long as you are a current Walsh Media client, your music is covered under the license we maintain with our music library providers.

Pricing for a Music on Hold production is based on the number of productions you purchase up front, as well as the number of physical locations at which the music will be heard or the number of trunks serviced by your call center. We’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

As your anniversary date approaches, we will contact you about renewing your Music on Hold agreement. At that point, you can purchase new music productions for the upcoming year or opt to simply maintain the licensing on the music already playing on your system. 

Good question! It may not seem like it, but playing music on your phone system is actually considered a ‘public performance’ as far as copyright law is concerned, so licensing fees are charged to ensure that composers and musicians are compensated for their work. Our library is fully licensed through BMI and Universal Production Music, so you can rest assured that any production we create for you will be properly licensed.

I love that I get new music files quarterly from Walsh Media. It's one less thing I have to think about and our system keeps sounding fresh with regular updates!"

Let's get the ball rolling...

Do you hear a style that would work great with your brand? If so, it’s easy to request a music on hold production. If you’re new to Walsh Media, we’ll be happy to send you a quote which includes licensing for your requested music for one year!

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