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When you find yourself compelled to add a line such as “Please listen carefully before selecting from the following three options” to your verbiage, stop and ask yourself why?

Is it because you feel your callers instinctively ask for a representative, rather than try to use the automated system? Perhaps they’re confused by the language they hear when they do listen to the options. Or, maybe you’re just using the phrase out of habit.

We find that in most cases the issue can be resolved with the help of your project manager. They’ll work with you to determine if your callers’ options appear in the most effective order, that you’re not overloading them with confusing jargon, and what to do when the caller selects” none of the above.”

Just ask us about these and more ideas to create an efficient and positive call center experience! We’d be happy to discuss your concerns. Contact us at or 1-800-454-6453.

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