Learn from the pros

Are you taking a fresh look at the Customer Experience as it relates to your contact center? Now might be just the time to contact Jamie Butcher regarding our “Tips & Techniques” Lunch and Learn! You’ll be able to catch this event with various SOCAP events around the country, and can request a webinar or […]

Customer Service

Common Sense Tip of the Day: It’s time to put the “service” back in “Customer Service”. The idea of what makes service to the customer superior has changed over time. First, it was the simple act of answering the phone. If you picked up…success! Your customer was in fact satisfied. Then it was using the […]

Bridging the cross channel customer experience

Everyone’s buzzing about the cross channel customer experience.  More and more companies are offering a variety of channels through which people can get information, make purchases and accomplish tasks. Technology now allows customers to start a transaction in one channel – say a website, continue in another – a contact center, and finish in a […]