Need help with Speech?

While many of our clients are using speech analytics, they often don’t think of sharing that information with Walsh Media.  They’re missing a great opportunity, because there are so many ways we can help! For example, if callers in a Speech application are consistently responding with “I don’t know” to a request for specific data, […]

Organizing your audio

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Why pay for audio that you’ve already recorded?  Saving you time and money, Walsh Media uses a specialized audio management tool that allows your Project Manager to search and recall over 14,000 common voice prompts along with your custom audio, review the files, and download them in whatever format […]

Moving from premise to hosted environment

Common Sense Tip of the Day: In an effort to cut costs and streamline services, many companies are moving their contact centers from a premise based to a hosted environment. No small undertaking, is it? While all that’s happening, what are your callers and customers hearing? It’s best to maintain the same voice across all […]