The Experience Production

There’s more that goes into serving customers than being polite on the phone. Read more about The Experience Production here…it’s Noggin’ Certified!

Time for some changes?

It’s the new year, and that inevitably brings with it change. Now’s a great time to review your contact center scripts and/or audio. Odds are there’s an old contact, different department name or expired email address lurking in there somewhere. Are you doing business in new countries? You might need some international recordings to ensure […]

Cleaning the error recovery mess

Life is messy. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about your home, your car, your family, or even your work. Most of the time, processes need tweaking and mistakes will happen. Take your automated applications, for example. If customers could enter long account numbers flawlessly and always selected the right option, you’d never even need […]

Handling full queues

Much of your efforts in developing an exceptional customer experience go toward moving callers quickly through the IVR, and minimizing time spent in queue, while resolving issues on their first attempt. But how can you accomplish all of this with your current resources? Consider the issues that affect your company’s IVR and on hold environments. […]

Help us help you!

Planning a big application update or changing to a new phone system? Don’t wait until the last minute to contact your Project Manager! There’s lots we can do to prepare for your project and ensure smooth, timely delivery. First, we’ll check in with your preferred talent to make sure they’ll be in town and ready […]

Say it out loud

If you walk the halls of Walsh Media, you’ll hear a lot of talking, but we aren’t necessarily talking to each other or on the phone.  Our Project Managers are actually reading scripts out loud. Why? Because we want your scripts to sound the best they can – typically friendly and conversational – and to […]

Getting the best sound from your audio

To ensure the best sound quality of the audio files on your phone system, make sure you’re using the maximum bit-rate file that your system can handle. Older systems required low bit-rate wave or proprietary files, but newer generation boxes can handle even up to the highest quality audio files. If you want the most […]

Organizing your audio

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Why pay for audio that you’ve already recorded?  Saving you time and money, Walsh Media uses a specialized audio management tool that allows your Project Manager to search and recall over 14,000 common voice prompts along with your custom audio, review the files, and download them in whatever format […]

When the Worst Happens…like, oh say…a Blizzard!

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Disaster recovery messages are often a minor consideration in the grand scheme of audio for your self-service applications.  If your company is hit by a disaster of course there other important factors, but how your company manages a disaster directly affects your brand!   Avoid improvised and unapproved messages recorded on-site by […]

Planning ahead for your project

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Have a big project coming up?  Even if it feels far off, it’s a good idea to check in with your Project Manager.  We can confirm your branded voice talent’s availability and discuss timelines in advance – making your entire project move a little more smoothly down the road […]