Recording phone calls

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Your call may be monitored or recorded. This statement has been true since before the telephone started ringing. Moments after the telegraph was invented in the mid-1800s, so too was “wiretapping”. Not until 1968 did the US Congress pass laws which restricted the use of wiretapping. But today general […]


With Thanksgiving nearly upon us our thoughts turn to giving thanks—such as the simple phrase your callers hear when they call your company, “Thank you for calling.”  Since most of our efforts are usually directed at containment within web and IVR self service applications, we may not be so grateful for that call.  However, your […]

2011 SpeechTEK, in review

As the team makes its way back from the 2011 SpeechTEK Conference in New York, the buzz is that it was another successful year.  We reconnected with many established acquaintances, and met many new ones, so we thank each and every one of you for stopping by the Walsh Media booth to say “hi” and […]

Organizing your audio

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Why pay for audio that you’ve already recorded?  Saving you time and money, Walsh Media uses a specialized audio management tool that allows your Project Manager to search and recall over 14,000 common voice prompts along with your custom audio, review the files, and download them in whatever format […]

When the Worst Happens…like, oh say…a Blizzard!

Common Sense Tip of the Day: Disaster recovery messages are often a minor consideration in the grand scheme of audio for your self-service applications.  If your company is hit by a disaster of course there other important factors, but how your company manages a disaster directly affects your brand!   Avoid improvised and unapproved messages recorded on-site by […]

What to do when your system changes

Common Sense Tip of the Day: You have made a long term investment in you IVR.  You plan for the system to run for many years.  As your business changes, there will be times that you will need to make modifications to the system.  When those modifications are made, you want the voice messages to […]

Moving from premise to hosted environment

Common Sense Tip of the Day: In an effort to cut costs and streamline services, many companies are moving their contact centers from a premise based to a hosted environment. No small undertaking, is it? While all that’s happening, what are your callers and customers hearing? It’s best to maintain the same voice across all […]