What you say, how you say it.

It’s more than our slogan.  It’s Walsh Media’s concentrated effort to help shape the way the world hears you.

  • Professionally-recorded phone system prompts in any language
  • Custom Message & Music On Hold
  • Corporate narration projects

Let us help you build brand recognition, trust, and credibility.

You’ve developed a successful visual brand, now let’s work on your audio brand! We can help unify the voice and sound of your brand at every audio touchpoint – no matter where your customers are in the world.

We provide a professional one-voice audio branding solution that delivers a cohesive, 
brand-enhancing experience to your customers.

Recordings for Telecom

  • Phone system prompts (speech recognition or touchtone IVR)
  • Auto attendant or voicemail greetings
  • Message & Music on Hold

Corporate Narration

  • Explainer and Whiteboard Videos
  • Podcast Intros/Outros
  • Voice-Overs for corporate presentations
  • VO for e-learning or online courses
  • Voice overs for Virtual Assistants

Professional Recordings for Telecom

IVR prompts for phone systems

Speech Rec &
Touch Tone IVR

Our clients rely on Walsh Media to deliver professionally-voiced IVR phone prompts for their locations around the world. 

Your Speech Rec or Touch Tone IVR files can be recorded in any language needed, and they’ll be delivered to you ready-to-install!

Professional VO to auto attendant greetings

Auto Attendant Greetings &
Call Processing Prompts

Answer incoming calls with professional greetings that get callers where they need to go quickly and effortlessly.

We’ll deliver your custom voice prompts perfectly formatted for your phone system.

Custom Message on Hold

Custom Message &
Music on Hold

Keep callers engaged and informed with custom marketing messages your callers will hear on hold.

Want just music instead?
Our library of licensed music is sure to have a style that’s perfect for your brand.

Let's get that script into tip-top shape...

Take advantage of our additional services to optimize your phone prompt scripting and help avoid the need for rerecords in the future.

IVR Script Consulting
After carefully going through to proofread your script, we can send suggestions to make your verbiage more concise, conversational (if that fits your brand), and easier for your callers to understand and navigate.

Script Translation
We have script translators located around the world who are ready to  not only translate your script, but also make sure that it’s localized for the region where it will be heard.

SAID:   Our proprietary online database of your telecom audio & scripting in one handy place, searchable by the text or voice you need. 

Voice overs for Corporate Narration

(Marketing, Training, and E-learning Applications)

Corporate Narration

For maximum consistency, use the voice of your self-service application for all consumer touchpoints:
Podcast Intros/Outros
White Board Videos
Explainer Videos

Corporate Presentations
Web presentations

Voice-Overs for

Instead of DIYing your recordings where quality and consistency is uncertain, use the professional voice of your brand in your courses for maximum engagement.

Voice-Overs for
AI/Web Assistants

Personalize your website's virtual assistant application with your brand's professioinal voice to deliver a natural-sounding experience for your visitors.

How can we help you?

It’s easy to get a project started, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.  And regardless of the type of audio you need (telecom or corporate), our process is simple and straight-forward:

 We discuss your brand & the sound you want to convey.

• Select a voice that best represents that. You can sample a few of our English voices here. Interested in other voice options? Or do you need another language? We have talent located around the world, and we can provide more demos for you to sample. Just fill out the form below to get in touch.  We’ll help you zero in on the perfect for voice for all your recording needs.

• Send us your script.

• If you need script translation, no problem! We have translation partners located around the globe for multi-language recordings.

• Once you give final approval of your script, our Audio Services team will coordinate the recording and editing of your audio.

• We deliver your professional, on-brand audio, ready for you to use!


Have some questions?

We have a very refreshing, common sense approach that our client’s appreciate. And, our dedication to exceed our client’s expectation has lead to long-lasting client relationships that we’re very proud of!

Our Project Management and Audio Services teams have a total of over 100 years of combined experience in telecom scripting and recordings, and we put that experience to work to make your life easier by coordinating your recording project from start to finish. Once you provide your script to us, we handle the rest…prepping your script for the studio, scheduling your professional voice actor, coordinating the session, directing the talent during the session for the best, most natural-sounding read, editing your audio files, and formatting them for your specifications, if needed. You give us your script, we’ll give you your audio – ready to use.

Looking to redo your phone system prompts? You’ve come to the right place! That’s our specialty! Here’s what you can expect:

1)  Select the voice that sounds best for your brand. Friendly and casual? Mature & professional? We’re sure to have a perfect voice for your brand.  You can listen to some of our English-speaking options here, but we have many more available – in addition to voice actors around the world for multi-language prompts.

2) Send us your script. Tell your Project Manager if you need your script translated or if you need/want any script consulting.

3) Let your Project Manager the final format you require.

4) Once the script is finalized, our Audio Services team will schedule your voice actor’s recording session. 

5) After recording, our producers will edit & finalize your audio.

6) We send you your final files via email or FTP.

7) Once you have them, simply upload them to your phone system (or forward them to your IT Staff or Phone Vendor to implement.)

Our standard turnaround time is five business days for all projects.  If you need it sooner, just let us know. Expedite fees will apply.

You bet! Let us know you’d like to take advantage of our script consulting service. We can evaluate your verbiage and offer suggestions based on our years of industry know-how and best practices. Our suggestions will keep your verbiage clear, concise and conversational.

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